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Agile Mindset Leadership Educational Cohort for Supervisors: June 2024

  • Employee engagement is the lowest since the pandemic
  • Our efforts to increase employee engagement and retain our most talented staff is NOT working
  • Instead of focusing on employee-centered activity....let's educate our supervisors on what matters most!

4-week AgileMindset Leadership Education for Supervisors!! 

 Unlock the Secrets of belongin by avoiding The Top 3 Inclusive Mistakes made by Supervisors

(answer: Perfectionism, Hyper-focusing on Tasks, and Avoidance of Soliciting Feedback are the Top 3 but do NOT spoil the surprise), 

 Dive Deeper into their own personal leadership styles via DiSC,


 Skyrocket their personal Emotional Intelligence by implementing on their personally developed "EQ Maturity development plan",

 Actively begin to Mentor/Sponsor those across the "Identity Divide" ,

 Bonus- a supportive cohort of their peers, learning, sharing, and supporting each other on the journey to becoming....


Past Events...

Stop Centering Employees for Inclusion Efforts: March 20, 2024

Details at:

Employees are at the forefront of grassroots efforts like Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and women are the targets for "growing the leadership pipeline" but eNPS is down and Employee Satisfaction is the lowest since the Pandemic!

What should we be doing instead?

Hop on the LInkedIn LIVE on Tues. March 20 at 11:30amET to find out!

Be sure to mark your calendars and join LIVE!

Solving the Talent Retention Challenge Webinar: Jan. 23, 2024

Learn the 4-Steps to Apply to ALL Supervisor Education for IMMEDIATE results of:

  • Increased empathy
  • Ability to Lead Across the "Identity Divide"
  • Approach for Engaging Remote and Hybird Staff
  • Tailored approaches for feedback based on the individual NOT a one-sized fits-all model, and
  • MORE....

DisruptHR-Indy: Also on Nov. 9 2023

See full video: HERE

Angel gives a little rib to HR teams on how some of their behavior can be a little...confusing to their employees.

Laugh with Angel as she challenges the impact of the employee funnel from recruiting and hiring to promotion.

Banking on Women Conference: Nov. 9 2023

An in-person event held on the northside of Indianpolis where Angel will speak to women banking professionals giving her signature talk: Ceiling Shattering Tools for Women. Angel will share her lessons, research, and anecodates from her book Dents in the Ceiling: Tools Women and Allies Need to Breakthrough for women in banking to break their glass ceiling!

Details HERE

A LinkedIn ad with 2 women's faces

LinkedIn Interview w/ Angel G. Henry, Agile Mindset Expert: Nov. 7, 2023

See replay: HERE

Angel gives a little rib to HR teams on how some of their behavior can be a little...confusing to their employees.

Laugh with Angel as she challenges the impact of the employee funnel from recruiting and hiring to promotion.

AGC Oregon Columbia Leadership Summit Summer Session: August 2023

An in-person event held on the beautiful campus of Sun River Resort in Oregon! Angel was the morning keynote speaker, speaking on the topic of The Agile Mindset to over 200 Construction CEOs looking to grow and explore their human resource capabilities in a challenging economy: lots of contracts but not enough women or persons from underrepresented popullations staying to work them!

Angel provided specific and actionable steps they can take to reverse the revolving door of minority talent and cultivate a pipeline for the future!

July 2023

The Strategic Advisory Mastermind

An in-person event held in downtown Indianapolis at Maven's Space for an intimiate cohort of African American women seeking guidance from certified Agile Mindset coaches and a licensed mental health expert as they face personal and professional challenges in their pursuit of peace and fillment.



Let's talk celebrating African American culture, patronizing Black businesses, and sponsoring our Black peers. Together we are stronger! Now that the novelty of our latest National Holiday has worn off, let's build a real community! Want to know how? Book me to find out!

Learn More: HERE

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health is Wealth. Let's discuss Mental Health in the workplace and how we can leverage our minds to achieve high-quality workplace performance by leveraging the Agile Mindset.

Learn More: HERE