I leverage an Agile Mindset to amplify women's voices and create active allies.

"My struggle wasn't unique by any stretch of the imagination, but it was silent."

--Angel G. Henry

  • Feeling the stress of being "the ONLY?"
  • Being bullied?
  • Working hard but not moving up?
  • Pressured to share your authentic self now that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts have taken a front seat?

About me.

I’m Angel Henry, author of Dents in the Ceiling: Tools Women and Allies Need to Breakthrough.

As a 20 year veteran of Corporate America, I have amassed quite a few lessons learned. I have a background in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and over 15 years in the project management discipline. As a Black women in tech, I am often "the ONLY" in the room and have found myself struggling from Imposter Syndrome, feeling invisible, being bullied, suffered sexual harassment and more, so MUCH more!

I am passionate for diversity in the field of IT. My knowledge of why women and minorities are oftentimes missing from the C-Suite will enable IT leaders to help advance the conversation of inclusion and make REAL change.

Services I offer

Women Siting and talking to each other

Group Coaching

BIG Event

Coming Fall 2022!


Signature Talk:

Ceiling Shattering Tools

It takes someone that already has a seat at the table to invite you to the table. So, how do you get invited to the table?

This talk provides tools for anyone learning how to navigate the rough terrain of Corporate America.


Creating Active Allies

Practically Speaking: Breaking through Unconscious Bias

Customized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sessions

“I drove all the way down from Kokomo just to hear her speak and I was not disappointed!…if you see Angel on the docket to speak, go see her, you will not be disappointed!”

—Russell Maynard, PMP

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